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Full text of "Muscle Shoals Baptist Association Minutes 1858"

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Birmingham, Alabama 

Muscle Shoals Baptist Association 

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aJS^e»-'- :t ■ '^^^t^s^.-^y^i^e^^^; 



- * 

^.^L^,A.^: .1^,..: ^.^^v^^i^*,^ 


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— — 












Pp Skoals 8»jW ^oriation 







■ ■ i. 

I ►'V* s"* 


1858. . 




< : ! 


• > - OFFICERS:' \ 
Ret. JACKSOJf GUNN, Moderator, 
Rev. W. W/WILHITE, Clerk. 
Deacon A. HOUK, Treasurer. s 

T \ 


i .. 

j , 

A . 1. ill* I 

I . ' • . . ■ I' 



..-, III! . ■ ! . I 

• .1 

.1 m 

. i . > 

i >i 


:.,, .minutes.-;::;' 

. " " ' Friday Morning, Oct. 1st, 1858. 
The Delegates composing: the 30th Annual Session of the 
Muscle Shoals Baptist Association, convened witn the Town 
Creek. Church, Lawrence eoonly, Ala., Friday «orBmg,,Oe- 

^^^ctory^a^ delivered by Elder J. Gunn 
tit: "Wherefdre'he saith, awake thou that deepest and 
arise from the/dead, and Christ shall give thee light. — Eph. 

5th chap, and l4th verse. tl ..; „. • &3#C;j ■ 

Afternoon SESSION.-After prayer by Elder Shackelford 

the Moderator took his seat. The Clerk being absent, Bro. 

J. Shackelford Was appointed pro tern. , 

The letters from the different Churches were then read, and 

the names of delegates enrolled. After which the Assooa. 

tion proceeded to . elect a Moderator and Clerk Elder J. 

Gun was again elected Moderator, and Elder W. W. Wilhite, 

^Letters' from' new Churches', petitioning for membership in 
the A fociaS, were then eaU&for, and siiwere reared 

Viz • New Prospect, Bnrleson, Union, Macedonia, Mount bil- 
lad'' and Friendship. Their declaration of faith being satis- 
factory, they^ere received, and the delegates invited to seats 

in |!et^^orr; S p6nuence from sister ^sociaUo™ 
then called for, and one was presented by Elder Alexander, 
from the Big Bear Creek Association. r . -. . 

Vising brethren were then invited to Beats with and the 
invitation accepted by brethren Alexander and gallon. ., 

The following committees were then appointed : 

On Sabbath 8chools.-M. Tinny, J. Kitchens and T\ m. Cal- 

/£ Devotional Exercises.-^. R, Stanley, L. D. Ma^de 
M. Sledge, together with the pastor and deacons of the lown 

^££^1r. W. Wilhite, E. Ellctt, A. Stanley and 
B. Wines. 




•t * 

" .-. 1 •«( t- 

On Foreign Missions.— J. K. Lynn, J. Holmes, C. Ratliff 
ana I. Ureen. 

On the State of Ileligion.-J . C. Roberts, J. Milam, Wm. 
YVnaly and J. Holmes. ' 

OnEducation.-B. M. Stevens, J. Shackelford, H. Merrel 
ana w. (j. liullock. 

M °W F MaT'~ E ' WiS6 ' J * Kitch ? nS ' L ' D ' MaBBengalo and 

On motion, the Association adjourned to.Saturday mo'rn- 
mg, 9 o'clock. Prayer by Bro. Alexander. 

^__— _ • 

m, -it , . Sat ™day Morning, Oct. 2. 

The appointed hour haying arrived, the Association was 
convened. Bro. Sledge led in prayer. . 

On motion, the Moderator appointed a standing committee 
gale a'nTu K;s! Sting ° f J * Sh ^ ckclford > L ' »• Massen- 

The report on documents was then called for, read, and re- 
ferred back to the committee. -* T 

On motion, the names of those meeti ^heretofore denom- 
inated Ministers' and Deacons' Meetings, were changed back 
to that of Union Meetings. „v " 

The request of the Mount Pisgah Church, for the next ses- 
sion of the Association, was granted, and W. W. Wilhite ap- 
pointed to preach the introductory sermon: M. A. Verser his 
alternate." . . .". .;■.■' WiOW lll ° 

The Association then proceeded to appoint delegates to the 
General Association of Tennessee and N. Alabama, viz: I 
N. Owen J Shackelford, M. A. Verser, G. L. Brown, A 
Houk , L. D. Massengale, J. Gunn, W. W. Wilhite and J C* 

The delegates to sister Associations were then appointed • 
Bekw y * Stanley, L. D. Massengale and J. F. 

ChhW ^ 2iiver — ?* W : F <>^, X K. Lynn and W. P. 

To Cherokee.^, Yields, M. A. Verser and — - Stevens. 

Jo Judson.^-ll. J. Jennings, S. M. Rauhoof and CraiV. 

Appointed a committee to ascertain the time and place of ' 
holding the next Union Meetings, viz: R. J. Jennings, J. C. 
lloberts, M. A. Verser and G. L. Brown. 

*«t P t 0i i n i tC . d * dele g? tion t0 t h c Sabbath School Convention, 
to be held in Memphis, Tenn., on the day of — , con- 

sisting of brethren Brown, Houk, Jennings, Massengale, Stan- 
ley, Roberts, Owens, A. Stanley and Belevr. 

The report of the Trustees of the Baptist Female Institute 
was handed in, and read by J. Shackelford, which was received 
^d ordered to be spread upon the minutes : 

To the Muscle Shoals Association: * 

The foUowTng is most respectfully submitted as the Seventh Annual Re - 
riort of the trustees of the Baptist Female Institute at Moulion, Alabama : 
P Since the .las annual report of the Trustees, submitted to the Assoc.a- 
tion on 3d day o October, 1867, but little , ha. occurred in the progress 
of the Institution under their care, out of the ordinary routine of most 
educational establishments. The Institute School, during ; the , ast scholas- 
tic vear has continued to run its course of eminent usefulness with una- 
bated success The whole number of Pupils matriculated during his 
neriod i about eighty : Of these, fifteen have taken lessons ,n the Ancient 
Cuages two in tlfe Modern Languages, and twenty-nine in Mus.c ; be- 
sides the customary course of literary and scientific instruction. And 
the Annual Examination at the close of the session in June last was 
more bXnt an d successful than any that had heretofore preceded ,t. 
Siting alike the diligence and proficiency of the scholars, and the 
ability and faithfulness of the teachers. • 

The faculty of teachers at present having charge of the School is com 
Jed l rf thelSr. Josephu. Shnckleford, A. R, «^A"t£SS >< S! 
Fn the I iterarv and Scientific Department; Mrs. AC. Shackleford, In- 
Btructress in Drawing, Painting, and Embroidery; Miss Lnn M Gray 
Assistant in the Literary and Scientific Department, and Instructress in 
fbe French Language; and Miss Marietta Prouty, Instructress in Hn..a 
On the 25th day of October, 1856, five hundred and five volumes of he 
books purchased with the Library Fund, raised by the ot Monlton 
and its vicinity in September of that year, as heretofore reported, *ere re- 
ce'd and deposited m the Institute Library. And o *hese hav. a .so b een 
added bv donation, forty-seven volumes more; of which the Hon Ueo. &. 
Houston llember of Confess from this district, has contributed twenty- 
e °h volume" the Hon. Wm. M. Gallaway, of Melton, sixteen volumes ; 
and J B. Lippincott& Co., of Philadelphia, three volumes; *J«h m oheithe 
whole number of books now in the Library, five hundred ***. l «J+"* 
volumes These include some of the most choice compositions , in most 
In of the highest grades of English Literature, from the time of Geoffrey 
Saucer (1328), to Washington Irving (1857),-a period of above five 
hundred years V Thus offering to the scholars of the Institute for perusal 
a number of volumes large enough to occupy the time »s ua ^evoted o 
eS! during the academic course, for at least four years. 1 ho books 
are loaded to the pupils and teachers of the Institute free of charge. 
The volumes given to the Library are duly accredited to the donors in the 

"There* b £&*£ toadd upon the financial affairs of the corpora, 
tion These remain as heretoforVatated in the annual report of last yea*. 
, The Board of Trustees is composed, at present, of the following persons, 
arranged in sections as they were appointed by the Association ,,«.- 
Levi f . Warren, James B. Speake, Amos Jarman, and William McKolfn 
' of the section for 1857 ; and James Wise, Christopher C Gewin, John N. 
Walker Thomas M. Peters, and Richard KcketJ of th e . cc .on for 
1656; and Washington A. Gilbert , James Streeter, Michael ^ Maj«™i 
Asa Hodges, (the last appointed by the board to nil the ^ " /J the 
aionedby the death of our lamented associate, Franklin C. Owen) of the 

m '■ 


, V 



section for 1855. The officers of the Board are: Thomas M. refers, 
President; Asa Hodges, Secretary, and Richard O. Pickett, Treasurer. 
Those members of the Board who constitute the section for 1855, will need 
to be reappointed, or other persons elected to fill their places. ^In con- 
clusion, I beg to submit with this report a catalogue of the Institute- for 
the academic year ending on the 23d day of June last, which will give a 
better idea of the condition of the School than could be set out_in any 
report of reasonable length. All which is most respecfully submitted. 

Moui.tox, AtA., Oct 2, 1858. Prest. Board of Trustees. '• 

Those Trustees whose time had just expired were re-appoint- ( 
ed, viz: W. A. Gilbert, J. Strecter, M. W. Mays and A. Hodges. 
By request of the Agent, Bro. Reed, of the Marion Board, 
a committee on Indian Missions was appointed, consisting of 
brethren Roberts, Jennings and Bullock. 

On motion, the Association adjourned until 2 o'clock. I 
Afternoon Session.— The Association resumed business, 
after prayer by Elder R. J. Jennings. 

The committee appointed to be present at the examination 
of the students of the Institute, tendered the following report: 
You will find, by consulting the minutes of Inst year, that a visiting 
committee, composed of brethren J. Gunn, J. C. Roberts, L. D. Massengale, 
W. If. Ihirksdale, J. Kitchens and M. Sledge, was appointed to attend 
the examination of the students of the Institute at Moulton. • The Chair- 
man not being present, I was requested by the President to make out a 
report of the examination, which 1 now briefly attempt to do-, ^ 

I was present during most of the examination, and I tbi» - '^.l will not 
he saying too much to say that the examination gave more mineral satis- 
faction than any former examination of* the Institute. Not only did they 
exhibit great proficiency in the Literary and Music departments, but we 
were f< "ibly struck with the manifestation of an unusual attachment to 
one a other, as students of the same school-room, and a deep regard for 
their ^achers. All of which is respectfully submitted. 


T io Moderator then appointed another committee to be 

•present at the next examination, consisting of M. Finney, C. 

' Gibscn, E. Wise, J. Kitchen and W. F. Orr. ^ .,' 

Bro. L. D. Massengale then offered the following resolutions, 
whic'.i were adopted: 

Wl ereas, God has seen fit to remove our beloved brother F. C. Owek, 
in the prime of life; and in the midst of a career as remarkable for use-\ 
fulness as it was conspicuous and lovely for its piety. Therefore, 

Resolved, 1st. That in the death of Bro. Owen; this Association has 
suffered a sad and irreparable loss. \ 

Resolved, 2d. That this Association hereby express her lively remem- 
brance of his pious example, his untiring zeal and self-sacrificing libe- 
rality in prosecuting every plan that proposed the advancement of the 
Baptist cause within her bounds. t i 

JlesoUed, 3d. That while we would endeavor to exercise a submissive 
spirit under this heavy bereavement, we would tender to his afflicted fam- 
ily and Church our deep sympathy in their afflictions, with the expression 
of our full assurance that our loss is his eternal gain. . 


7 "? 




" .H 

.: Resolved, 4th. , That this preamble and resolutions bo printed in our 
minutes. .-.»-.: *i . . ' 

i The committeeman Devotional Exercises then reported, 
■which was received and the committee discharged : /• 

Preaching on Saturday at 10 o'clock.-by Brother Walton. 
" Sabbath " 10 " " " Gunn. 
«' -* 11 « " " . Strode. 
" -' «« 2 " " " ■• Alexander. h- 
, L ,» " .' » 11 " at the Prea. Ch., by Bro. Verser. 
at Baptist Ch." on Saturday night, by Bros. Reed & Duboicc. 
« " " * Sabbath night, " Bro. Wilhite. 

The committee on Documents reported; the report was re- 
ceived and adopted, as follows : 


Your committee oh Documents, to whom was referred back their report 
for amendation^ beg leave to report that we recommend the same course, 
in relation to our Primitive brethren, that we did last year, that is, to 
come up at our next Association, and heartily unite with us in tho use of 
every means to promote the more universal spread of the Gospel. 

We find a request from two Churches, that we take some active meas- 
ures in Missionary matters, and employ two efficient Missionaries for the 
ensuing year. We therefore call the attention of the Association to the 
important suggestion of the Tuscumbia and Mount Pleasant Churches, 
and we hope that this Association will adopt some efficient measures for 

prosecuting our Missionary work. 

1 ° .« W. W. WILHITE, Chairmen, • 

The committee on Sabbath Schools then reported as fol- 

Dear Brethren: We greatly deplore the deficiency of Sabbath School 
instruction among many of our Churches. We rejoice, however, thnt 
some have this noble cause at heart, and are devoting their time and tal- 
ent in teaching the young and tender mind the way to happiness and 
eternal life. Brethren, impress the young mind with Divine truth, and 
at some future day it will show forth the early impressions made, to the 
great joy of the Church and the comfort of its early instructors; and 
where better can this be done than in the Sabbath School? There the 
•young hearts pray with you, and listen with infinite delight to your expo- 
sition of God 8 word There the little minds begin to feel the force of 
truth, and the love that Christ has for children. They then form a rev- 
erence for God's word which can never be taken from them. We hope 
that we shall no longer grieve over this remissness of the Churches, hut 
that they will take this noble institution, and carry it on like good sold- 
iers of Christ ■■• V . ' 
. We recommend every Church in the Association to establish a well 
organized Sabbath School, with a good library, and that tho Church at- 
tend to it as sacredly as any other duty of life. 

. 'We: also recommend that each Clerk bo requested to send up to this 
body, a report of the number students, teachers, and average attendance, 
to be inserted in the table of our next minutes. * 

And in order to the perpetuation of Sabbath Schools in our Churches, 
we do most urgently recommend to the pastors, that they resolve each 
Church into a Sabbath School and Bible class, exhorting old and young 



to attend, every Lord's day, their own house of worship, and spend their' 
Sabbath mornings either in a Bible class, the School, or in prayer meet- 
ing, to tho bnilding up of the Baptist cause in the particular Church in 
which Providence has cast your lot. ; M. FINNEY, Chairman. 

This report called forth some very interesting remarks from 
brethren Alexander, Gunn and Reed.. 

The committee on Homo Missions handed in their report, 
which, not being satisfactory was re-committed.. 

After which tho Association adjourned, to 9' o'clock, Mon->- 
day morning. Prayer by Bro. Craig.. 

- ...» 

"' '«•' • Sunday Morning^ Oct.. 3d. 
Elder Gunn preached, to a large and attentive audience, a 
sermon in memory of Bro. F. C. Owen. Text: "Blessed are 
the dead that die in the Lord from hence forth: yea,saith the 
Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works 
do follow them." : 


Monday Morning, Oct. 4th. .. 

The Association met at the appointed hour. Prayer by 
Bro. Wines. 

Bro. E. Strode, delegate from Liberty Association ; Coffer, 
a visiting brother; Reed, agent for the Domestic Mission 
Board, located at Marion, Ala., were invited to seats with us, 
which were accepted; after which the letter, borne by Bro. 
Strode, was read. 

The vote was then taken as to whether wo would receive-.tke 
minority report on Home Missions, which resulted in its- re ; 
jection ; aftep-which, by vote, we adopted the majority report 
as follows : 


Your committee on Home Missions beg leave to report the following 
plan of operations for tho next Associationalyear: 

1st That this Association, appoint Missionaries to labor as follows: Be- 1 

f;in immediately and labor two months, and report to the Executive 
Joard, which shall draw upon, the Treasurer and pay the Missionaries for 
their labor. 

2d. Begin again on the 1st- of Jane and labor nntil the next meeting 
of this body, at which time they shall make a report of all the labor per- 
formed, and receive the balance- of their compensation* 

The Moderator shall appoint an- Executive Committee, consisting of 
three, who shall meet quarterly, to devise ways and means in furtherance 
of this object . 

The delegates now in attendance shall constitute a committee to raise 
funds in their several Churches, and each Church be earnestly requested 
to send up liberal contributions to our next Association, and that as 
many of the delegates as feel authorized to do- so, can. now pledge for 
their Churches. All of which is respectfully submitted. 

M. A. YERSEB, Ciairman* 


, ; The report of the committee on the State of Religion was 
then called for, and adopted, as follows : 


Your committee on the State of Religion beg leave to report. We? 
Lave not had an opportunity of examining the letters from the different 
churches, but from a faint remembrance of what wad set forth in many 
of them in many parts of our Association, our cause is onward Many 
of the Churches have enjoyed glorious revivals of reigion; and: as a fur- 
ther evidence that God is smiling upon us, we have received more churches, 
by petitionary letter, than at any former session of our Association since 
its organization, and from the indications of the time3 r wo, as a denom- 
ination, have much to call forth the deepest gratitude of our hearts to 
God, and we suggest that our brethren awake to our common causa of 
salvation, by encouraging Sabbath Schools and Prayer Meetings in. the 
churches, aud so- demean themselves, in their walk and intercourse among 
men, that the world shall be constrained to glorify Our Father who art 
in Heaven. All of which is respectfully submitted. 

... J. C. ROBERTS, Chairman. 

The committee on Indian Missions handed in their report, 
which was read and adopted, as follows : 


Your committee feel impressed with the fact that too little interest is 
taken in Domestic and Indian Missions. Under the patronage of tho 
Marion Board, onr beloved brother, E. Strode, is laboring zealously to 
build up a church in Huntsville. He has succeded in collecting funds 
and purchasing a lot, and also in getting subscription to the amount of 
about five thousand dollars, to build a house of worship. 

He has got up a Sabbath school, which is quite interesting, — in a word, 
the prospects of a church there are indeed tlourisliin<;. Your committee 
would recommend a more liberal contribution, by our brethren, to build 
up the cause ic that place. 

This board is paying eleven hundred dollars for missionary labors in 
Middle Tennessee and North Alabama. Through this Board the efforts 
of the Baptists have been directed, for severnl years past, towards evan- 
gelizing the red man of the forest. But the present is a time which calls 
for a more liberal contribution oji the part of the lovers of Jesus. Under 
the patronage of this board, our much esteemed brother Buckner, and 
other efficient missionaries, burthened with the worth of souls, have gonetu 
the West, to preach the glorious newsof sulvatiou tolhcperishiug Red Man. 

God has blessed, and is blessing, abundantly, the labors of tho mis- 
sionaries. While the faithful soldiers of the Cross have thus left their 
homes and associates, and are thus laboring as our missionaries, shall 
they live in worse houses than your servants, and even have to abandon 
their work for the want of the necessaries of life? May God forbid. 

Your committee would recommend a more hearty co-operation with tho 
Marion Board; and, also, the necessity of furnishing a library for the 

We have just sent a library worth $300 to the Creeks, and shall we not 
send one of equal value to the Cherokees. Respectfully submitted. 
■ • J. C. ROBERTS, Chairman. 

The following resolution was then adopted: 

Resolved, That the Pastors of the several Churches be, and are, here- 
by requested to deliver a discourse on the subject of Indian Missions to 
their congregations, and take up collections for the same, and forward 
the same to the Marion Board. 

I I 


v Called for the report of the Executive Committee, which 
was received and adopted,- as follows: • 

• The Executive Board beg leave to report, that in compliance with the 
request of the Association, and the duties assigned us, we made use of 
all the efforts in our power to obtain the services of efficient ministers to 
occupy the missionary field, and regret exceedingly that we have to re- 
port that we failed in all our efforts to accomplish the object so much de- 
sired, and the only alternative left us was to obtain the services of a 
brother who was engaged in preaching to two Churches, and to have em- 
ployed him would have been contrary to the former wishes and expressed 
opinion of this Association, and as we have failed to a great extent in all 
our former efforts, the. only alternative left, in our opinion, is to look to 
some other source for the accomplishment of the object we so much de- 
sire. All of which is reapeetfully 6ubmitted. ' 

T. ASHFORD, Chairman. 

A query was then offered, viz : "What should be done with 
a brother (who, wishing to preach, but his Church, not think- 
ing him qualified, refuse, to grant him license,) if he should 
continue to preach ? The query was referred to the following 
committee for an answer, viz: R. Jennings, A. Houk, and 
Craig, who reported as follows :....■ 


Your committee to whom was referred the query on Ministerial Liber- 
ty, beg leave to report as follows: That the church of which he is a mem- 
ber should examine him touching his qualifications, as is set forth in 
Paul's letter to Timothy and Titus; and if he should fail to meet the 
qualifications ther 6et forth, and will not abide the decision of the church, 
ho should be dealt with as an unruly member. 

11. J. JENNINGS, Chairman. 

The committee on Education presented their report, which 
was received and adopted, as follows : 

Your committee on Education would respectfully report: 
The subject of Education is one which eminently demands our atten- 
tion. Believing, as we do, that our denomination has the doctrines and 
ordinances of the Bible, as they were delivered to the Saints, and that 
the duty of giving the pure, "unadulterated word of Cod to all nations, is 
committed to our hands, wo think we cannot urge too strongly the im- 
portance of an educated ministry, and of giving to the youth of both 
sexes such an education as will fit them for the high and responsible po- 
sition which they will soon be called upon to occupy in Church and State. 
Let ns prepare our sons and daughters to defend the truths of God's word, 
ub we understand them. This is an age of improvement. Education is 
looked upon in a different light to what it was a few years ago. It is 
now considered as {essentially necessary to [success in life. The facil- 
ities lor obtaining it are becoming more and more easy. Intelligence is 
diffusing itself among the musses. Hence the necessity of an educated 
ministry, to^neet the exigency of the times. Let us then seek out and 
educate those young men who may wish to devote themselves to the min- 

For the condition of the Female Institute at Moulton, which is under 
the patronage of this Association, we would refer you to thy report of the 


■— ^-^^«*u 


President of the Board of Trustees. Wo would remark that tins Institu- 
tion is not patronised by tlio Baptists of this Association as it should be. 
It is our School; we should aid in building it up, by sending our daugh- 
ters there to be educated, and not to Pedo-Baptist Schools, or Schools out 
of onr bounds. If the School is worthy of our patronage, we should 
patronise it; if it is not worthy, we should make it so. 

We would recommend to the Association 10 pass the following resolu- 

Itesoloed, That as Baptists, we should patronize and encourage our 
own' denominational Schools, and especially those under our own control. 

Jlesolved, 2d. That Union University, at Murfrcesboro, Tcnn., and our 
own Female Institute, at Moulton, are deserving of our sympathies, 
prayers, contributions and patronage. 

B. M. STEPHENS, Chairman. 

This report elicited several interested speeches. 

There was then an effort made to raise a fund for the pur- 
pose of educating young ministers in Murfreesboro', Tenn. ; 
' The report of the Treasurer of the Beneficiary Fund was 
read and adopted. 


The whole amount collected to the present dale, - - - $337 50 
; Cr. by amount paid to Bro. Wallis, ----- $1G0 00 

" " " " " " Bailey - - - - - 132 50 292 50 

Cash on hand ----------- $45 00 

Oct. 2nd, 1858. A. IIOUK, Treasurer. 

Bro. A. Houk was re-elected Treasurer of the Beneficiary 
Fund. . .: 

! The committee on Temperance offered their report which 
was received and adopted. 


The committee on Temperance beg leave to report as follows: 

That, iu their opinion, this subject merits the serious attention of this 
body. We profess to be the followers of Christ, and the advocatos of his 
cause, and consequently opposed to everything which has a tendency to 
injure that cause, or retard its progress. If this is so, we should ever 
be found raising our voices against a vice which is doing our country and 
church more harm than, perhaps, any one thing. 

It will not be expected of us to speak at length upon the evils resulting 
from the use of spirituous liquors as a beverage. These evils are evident 
to any observing and reflecting mind. They are seen upon every hand. 
It is this that fills otir prison houses — that makes paupers and lunatics— 
that produces misery, want and crime. How many firesides has it made 
desolate 1 How many bright and joyous hope* has it blasted I How many 
hearts has it broken I How withering and blasting has been its effects 
upon the social circles and the country at large! What family has not 
felt its baneful influence in some one of its members? Like a poisoned 
fountain it sends forth its deadly streams through every part of our social 
system, bearing along with. them disease, poverty, crime, and death. 

Various have been the efforts which have been made to put a stop to its 
use as a beverage, but these efforts have not succeeded as well as the 
friends of the Temperance cause were led to expeot. It was expected 
that Christians would be in favor of the Temperance movement — that 



. 12 

they would come out boldly on the side of Temperance, and opposed to 
old King Alcohol. But sad to say, such has not been the fact. Many 
who profess to be the followers of Christ, not only oppose the Temper- 
ance movement, but indulged in the immoderate use of spiritous liquors, 
and thereby exert a bad influence upon those around them. This we un- 
hesitatingly pronounce wrong, and a sin against God. Wo are account- 
able for the influence we exert, whether good or bad. It should be the 
desire of every Christian to exert a good moral influence upon the world 
around him. This he will never do by indulging in tho use of ardent 
spirits as a beverage. 

There is another matter which we would notice before we close this 
report, and that is the traflic in ardent spirits by members of the Church. 
If it is wrong to use, then it is certainly wrong to buy or sell them a3 a 
beverage; and of the J wo, we do not know but that he who buys or sells 
commits the greater sin, for he is putting the temptation in the way of 
others. God hath pronounced a woe unto that one who putteth the bot- 
tle to his neighbor's mouth and niaketh him drunken. In view of the 
importance of this subject, and the great influence which Christians may 
wield by taking a bold and decided stand in favor of Temperance, we 
would recommend this Association to pass the following resolution : 

Jiesolved, That we regard the traffic in ardent spirits, and the habitual 
use of them as a beverage, as a violation of the duties wo owe as good 
citizens to the communities in which we live; an outrage upon the best 
and dearest interests of society, degrading to the moral and physical 
man, and disgraceful to a Christian profession, and that we are under 
the most imperative obligations to society and to the cause of Christ to 
use all fair measures in our capacity as citizens, and all the moral sua- 
sion which we may possess as Christians, to put down the traflic in ardent 
spirits and their uso as a beverage. 

Mu pe m f " lly submiUed - JOS. SHACKELFORD. 

lhe .treasurer of tho Association then presented his report, 
which was adopted. 


Amount rec'd for Missionary purposes in 1857 . . .$132 10 
public collection on Sabbath, 1858 . . . ' . 20 00 
donated by Sister Johnson, living near Big Bear C'k. 10 00 

Cash on hand .'•.•'. 
Deduct am't lost on broken banks . 

Balance. . . . . . 

Am't sent up by Churches for minute fund in 1857, 
" collected to pay Graves, Marks & Co., for 
printing minntes . . . . « 

collected to increase fund for 1857 
contributed by Churches for 1858 . 

Whole am't of minute fund . ... 

Credit by amount appropriated. 

$162 10 
10 25 


$62 U 

8 75 
20 25 
74 80 

$151 85 

$165 80 

Am't paid fcro. Barksdale, Cl'k. ."".." . $25 00 

" Graves, Marks & Co., for minutes, 1^57, 50 00 
" Graves, Marks Jfc Co., old claim .. . 25 00 — 100 00 

Balance m,nutQ fund on n a Q d • $65 80 

Church at Decatur contributed $100 00 for widows and orphans. 
All of which is respectfully submitted. 
Oct. 4th, 1858. A. HOUK, Treasurer. 


Bro. E. Strode was then permitted to make an effort in fa- 
vor of his new house of worship in Iluntsvillc, which resulted 
in his raising some $150 or $200. 

Bro. A. Houk was then appointed Treasurer of the entire 
funds of the Association. Adjourned to 2 o'clock. Benediction 
by Moderator. 

Afterroon Session. — The Association resumed business, 
after prayer by Bro. Cooper. The Moderator appointed a 
committee to select Missionaries to ride and preach to the des- 
titute within the bounds of the Association, which consisted 
of brethren Womble, Owen, Wise and Morgan. 

The committee on Finance presented their report, which 
vras accepted. 


Minute fund sent up by the Churches . .... 
Public collection on Sabbath . . . > 
Widows' and orphans' fund sent by Decatur Church 


20 00 
10 00 

EDWARD WISE, Chairman. 
The Church in Moulton requested the Association to grant 
them the privilege of using the Hall of the Institute, as a 
house of worship, promising to equip it with seats, which 
was granted. 

The committee on Foreign Missions presented their report, 

which was adopted. 

Your committee to whom was referred the subject of Foreign Mission*, 
beg leave to report : ■ 

We certainly believe that this is a matter too little thought of and 
talked of in the different portions of our Association. We therefore rec- 
ommend that the pastors of Churches be requested to lay this matter be 
fore their congregations, and urge the propriety of action on this matter. 
We certainly believe that our Missionaries in foreign lands have accom- 
plished great good, and are still doing a great work. Will we not aid 
them? We think the brethren will aid in this glorious enterprise. If 
we can't do much, let us do all we can, and let us do it immediately. 
All of which is respectfully submitted. J. K LYNN, Chairman. 
The brethren Harget, of first district, A. G. Owen, of the 
second, A. Houk, of the third, and J. H. Lyon, of the fourth, 
were appointed to receive and forward the Minutes. 

The Association then appointed an Executive Board, viz : 
C. Gibson, J. Wise and W. A. Gilbert. 

On motion, the Association granted the Clerk the usual fee 
for his services. - * 

Letters of dismission were granted New Friendship, Frank- 
fort, Cane Creek and Burleson Churches, provided they should 
wish them before the next session of the Association. 



The Widows' and Orphan's* Fund was ordered to be given 
Sister Cummings and Sister Ir\rin. ; ^ 

The sums annexed were ple.dged by the delegates from their 
respective Churches, as a missionary fund upon which to ope- 
rate the ensuing year : 

Decatur . . . $30 00 
Town Creek . . 30 00 
New Friendship . .15 00 
Tuscumbiu . . 20 00 

Mount Nebo . • . . 5 00 
Frankfort . . . 5 00 

Cherry Hill . . . 3 00 
Cane Creek : . ... 5 00 
Courtland . . .30 00 
Fnon ... 25 00 

Moulton • . . ..25 08 
' Mount Zion, in L.- . • 3 00 

1st District— At Cherry Hill, Friday before the 2nd Sabbath in April; 

introductory by K. J. Jennings. 
2nd District— At Courtland, Friday before the 1st Sabbath in May; 

introdnciory by J. C. Roberts. , ; • 

?>d District— At Salem,. Friday before tho 3d Sahbath in July ; Bro. 

Wilhity to attend. 
■Ult District— Hopewell, in Blount, Friday before the 4th Sabbath in 
July; Bro. O. L. Brown to preach the introductory sermon. 

B. J. J E N JJ I N G S, Chairman, 


We, your committee, would suggest the appointment of Missionaries to 
labor among the destitute, as follows: 

Mount Pisga 

. $15 00 

Flint Creek 

3 00 

Blue Spring. 

. 1 00 


5 00 

Mount Zion, in M. 

• . • 6 00 

Concord. . 

3 00 

Bloantville . 

. : 5 00 

ltock Spring . 

. ■ 5 00 


. 5 00 


3 00 


. 1 00 

T. Carson . 

J. \L Caugle 

1st District M. A. Verser . . 3d District 
2d " J. K. Lynn . . 4th u 

C. WOMBLE, Chairman. / 
Ucsolccd, That we recommend to the pastors of the Churches to preach 
to their congregations on tho subject of Missions, and that a collection 
be taken up for all our missions, and thus not have to pay agents to at- 
tend to pastor's business. 

Jtesolced, That we accept with grateful hearts the donation of $250; 
made to this body by Bro. F. C. Owen, dee'd, the interest of which is to be 
used as a Mission fund in the bounds of the Muscle Shoals Association. 
Jiesolved, That we recommend to our mothers and daughters the Au- 
rora, a Magazine, superior in every respect to any other Magazine in the 
and. Published in Murfreesboro, Tenn., and edited by Mrs. E. M. Eaton; 
price $2 00 per annum. 

Desolvcd, That we tender 'our thanks to the members of Town Creek 
Church and the citizens of the vicinity for the kind and hospitable re- 
ception and entertainment of this body during its session. • 

itesolccd, That we also tender our (banks to our Presbyterian brethren 
for the use of their house of worship during the session of this body. 

Tho business of the Association was thus harmoniously 
transacted. The parting hymn was sung, and the hand ex- 
tended by delegates. Prayer by Bro. Verser. 
Air -ur -i\r,, ,.™,„ /T7....7, t nrrNTN 

AW AW AVilhite, Clerk. 

J. GUNN, Moderator.' 



■ ,.' J ■ 





plat. No. -1. 

Ouno Creek, 
Mount Nebo, 
Mt. Moriah,* 
Frank Tort, 
Tharp's Spr's. 
Cherry Hill, 
N. Friendship, 
Duncan's C'k. 
Union in F. 
New Prospect, 
Russet Valley, 

E. Ellett, M. Sledge, 

S. Ponder, _, _ 

M. Flnnoy, G. W. Hargott, L. nargctt. 

W. Tubh, 

J. W. Woatherford, J. Rony, 

8. M. Rnnhoof, 

No delegation. 

D H.McClellcn, F.S.Richardson, Z. Dong, 

III J. Jeuniuga, 8. M. Sparks, K. W. Holoninn, 

No dolegatlon, ' 

W. J. Lodbottor, It. n. nnglics-, C. Womblo, 

J. J. Kent, II. Brock, 

A. B. MoClain, W. 1'. Ohilcoat, E. A. Burr, 

\V. J. Bullock, W. Pearson, 


= 1 
















Bethel, W. 0. Kerby, 

Mt. Pleasant, A. Stanley, P. IT. Mays, 

f ,,. 1 „ thn d. T. Ashford, M. W. Mays, 

mEST B It. Stanley, J. F. B,llue, L T>. Musscngnle 

Town Creek.- J. C. Roberts. J. Fuller, J. P.. Craig. 

jl'm'y. Grove, No delegation. 

Si on, 0. Gibson, J. Kitchens 

J. Shackloford, J. Y. SUooraaker, 

No delegation. 

No delegation, ■ . , • • '• . • 

No delegation, 5 

J. B. Cagle, W. Ireland, n. Cheatham, 

No delegation. 

V. M. Littlo, B.C. Bird, 

Letter, no delegation. ,..'.'' 

J. Gibson, TJ. Slrorrol, L ; . W. Nunn, 
J. W. Herring, E. Wise, 
No delegation. 

Stt^lKtSft B. Wilhite, J. Holmes, 
Blue Springs, No delegation 

New Hope, 
Salem in Law. 
Plcas't. Gr've, 
A lit inch, 
Mt. Wan In I* 
Mount Gilead, 
Dint. No. 3- 
Ilo|)ewellin M 
M't. PisgaU, 
Spring Hill, 
Shoal Oroek, 


Salem in Mor. 

'Mt. Zion iu 51. 


Macedonia W. 

Frjenship, M. 


Hopewell, B. 

Mt. Taboiir, 

Brown's Val'y 

Good Hope. 




P't. Grove, W 


L. Garner, A. E. Pope, 

M A. Yersor, E. Wines, .„___. . , 

W W Wilhite, C. L. Wilhite, J. McPaniel 

G.'E»Sandlin, J. P. Wilhite, 

H. T. Merrol, 

H. T. Merrel, ■• > 

B. M. Stephens, R. M. Sims, H. Shanon, 

J.' Ratliff, 

No delegation, J 

H. S. Harris, . . t 

W. Wlialey, ' 

No delegation, I 

O. Williams, 

No delegation. 
union. , J. TI. Martin, 

Rock Spring, G. U. Brown, N. Morgan, 
Warrior Cr'k.lP. Fant, 

No.ofCli's. 641 


























l'2l38'l8-23l7&3l257G.(il G5 




■ *a 







Cane Creek, 

Mount Nebo, 

Frank fori, 

Tharp's Springs, 

Cherry Hill, 

New Friendship, 

Duncan's Creek, 



New Proppocr, 

Russel Valley, 


Mount Pleasant, 



Town Creek, 

Harmony Grove, 



New Hope, 


Salem, in Lawrence, 

Pleasant Grove, 


Mount Zion, in Law 

Mount Gilead, 


Mount Picgah, 

Spring Hill, 


Shoal Creek, 
Pleasant Hill, 
Flint Creek, 
Blue Springs, 

Salem, in Morgan,' 
Mt. Zion, in Morgan, 

Macedonia, in Win., 
Friendship, Marshal, 
Hopewell, Blount, 
Mount Tabor, 
Brown's Valley, 
Good Hope, 
• Concord, 

Pleasant Grove, Win 
Union, • ■- 

Bock Springs, 
"Warrior Creek, 

First, . 



First, ' 



























J. Uunn, 
R. J. Jennings, 
M. Finney, 
R. J. Jennings, 

If. Finney, 
R. J. Jennings, 

R. J. Jennings, 
T. Carson, 
E. Chaffin, 
J. C. Roberts, . 
J. Sherree, 

J. Shackelford, 

J. C. Roberts, 

W. W. Wilhite, 
J. Shackelford, 

J. R. Cagle, 

J. R. Cagle, 
W. Williams, „ 
W. W. Wilhite, 
J. Gunn, . ■ : 

J. Gunn, 

M. A. Verser, 

J. K. Lynn, 
J. K. Lynn, 

E. Wines, 

J. K. Lynn,. 
W. W. Wilhite, 
W. W. Wilhite, 
II. T. Merrel, 
II. T. Merrel, 

B. M. Stephens, 
J. Fields, 

F. M. Holbrook, 
W. II. Musgrove, 
J. Fields, 

M. A. Verser, 

0. Laurence, 

G. L. Brown, 
J. Fields, 







Leigh ton, 


Cedar Plains, 

Moulton, . 

Cedar Plains, 


Mount" Alves, 
Mount Alves, 
Apple Grove, 
Mount Alves, 
Cedar Plains,. 
Cedar Plains, . 
B a sham's Gap, 

Big Spring, 

Walnut Grove, 


1ft. High, 




.. . !•' » 




, f ."ml ' -.■■ J'WLb 



i ^ytiiW ■ ■-:*?■: S*^ -ciau 

•'-. . 






• •• U «L '- - ' 














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' v ' ! ; .DECATUR, ALA. , ' £ 

' ■ *\, ?"**' life. ■ I ■ •" * ' • ^ 

vTtie ' Times is; an independent weekly Newspaper, 
devoted^tofe c P^\*. : .-, ■/ ; '• " 



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^literature, science, and art, 

> And Strictly Moral in all its departments. ... 
;It is offered to subscribers at the low price of/ 
The Times is beautifully printed on new material 
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v Neatly t Expeditiously, and Cheaply. 
We point to all our Job Printing as an evidence of 
what .we can* do.' \ 

-■ ,.#,-;#U;i ■: ":,. J. M. NORMENT. 

i^j r, Decaturj Ala., -Nov. 1, 1858. 

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. IT. 

. r. 



• Vi 

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■ ,'A 

1 •, 




4. -/^^>^